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NDIS Cleaning


Woman Cleaning Furniture
Plan Managed
  • Plan Managed Participants require an Active Service Agreement in place with us in order to utilise our services. Most Plan Managers will ask to be provided with a copy of your Service Agreement with us. This ensures that everything is in place for you to be provided with your supports from us

  • Our Plan Managed participants simply provide us with their chosen Plan Manager’s invoicing email address, and we take it from there. Of course, you can also request a copy of the invoice to be sent to yourself for your records. It is all about you having choice and control over your funding.

Self Managed
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  • If you are a Self Managed Participant, we can help you in exactly the same ways we assist our Plan Managed  Participants.

  • We can draft up a Service Agreement for you to suit your needs.. The choice is always yours.

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